Congratulations you pervert! You may have just taken your first steps out of the closet or maybe you have never even been there in the first place. Whatever your reasons are, we can guarantee that you have come to the right place.

PervPark is a party for all of us more and less sane adults that are open minded and want to search for new experiences. It’s organized by group of people with a long history in the Finnish kinky scene. During our evenings all sorts of things can happen and almost everything goes as long as it is based on a mutual agreement and done in a safe and responsible way.

Why are we doing this:

We noticed that us perverts were lacking a place of our own, where everybody would be welcomed to express themselves and live out their fantasies, regardless of what those fantasies are, or whatever ones sexual orientation is, or whatever gender or lack of it one identifies in. For that reason we opened PervPark to provide a place where you can truly let your inner pervert run free for one magical evening in a safe and controlled environment.

What happens:

PervPark parties are private, invitation only parties arranged in Wildclub’s luxurious premises. Our nights will surely excite your imagination. We offer you music, dancing, live performances and possibility to enact your own scenes in very well furbished and more private surroundings than your normal nightclub will provide. There you can truly immerse yourself in your own fantasies.

At the party you can eat, drink, dance, tie somebody up or be tied, spank or be spanked, demand submission or submit, enjoy your your favorite fabric or body parts, get turned on by watching or being watched. For lovemaking we have own area downstairs. That’s called darkroom, where you can have sex without nobody being bothered.

Safety and courteous behaviour are very important to us. Playing out a scene and all other activities during the party are always based on mutual agreement and taking the other person into consideration. For this reason everybody should take great care to read through our party etiquette before arrival. All of the equipment that are in use are well maintained. Our staff will be delighted to give you guidance in how to use it. There is no requirement to take part in any of the scenes or activities. You are just as  welcome, if you only want to dance, watch and enjoy the atmosphere. We don’t have any alcohol license, therefore it’s BYOB (bring your own bottle). Little evening snacks and nonalcoholic drinks will be provided. Since staging a scene when drunk is not advisable, we hope that everyone will keep their drinking in moderation

Available equipment includes:

  • T and X crosses
  • Big stand-in cage that can be winched up
  • Winch system, that can be used up to 5m lifts and for air bondage
  • Fixed barred cages, located in upper and middle floor
  • Storage net
  • Various movable and stationary benches of different type
  • 2 slings
  • Binding tables
  • Binding chair
  • Rack
  • Neck restrains
  • Wheel of fortune
  • Fucking machine
  • Massage Table
  • Bed for bondage
  • Cage

Equipment in the balconies for use if weather permits:

  • Cage for repository of several slaves
  • Winch system operated, adjustable standing cage
  • Ferris wheel
  • Rotating chair
  • Standing bench
  • Sling

How to dress up:

You can dress up in leather, rubber, latex or pvc. Your style can be erotic, fantasty, glamour, gothic,kinky or something else. Dig up your corset, leatherpants, pvcdress etc. Take your naughty toybag with you and come to enjoy the kind of evening that suits you. We hope you to delight with the right attitude in your appearance and with being eyecandy that creates the atmosphere.

How to get in:

Our organizers are very mixed group of people with kinky, swinger, queer and fetish backgrounds. It is our view that best parties are held with mixed crowd. It is enough, that you are an adult, possess open and tolerant mind and have the will to search and play out your own fantasies. We’ll provide safe, tolerant and warm surroundings to where you can come just as you are.  

Our evenings include:

  • heterosexuals, gays, lesbians and bi’s
  • legs, buttocks, crouches and teats 
  • men, women, androgynous and others in between.
  • fetish lovers, voyeurs, kinksters and transvestites
  • silk, lace, leather, rubber and studs

We can’t guarantee you a playmate so surest preparation for the evening is to come with an escort. You don’t need to have any previous experience nor belong to any kinky association to participate. For all of us have at some point been there, in the very beginning, and speaking from the experience nothing is ever as exhilarating as the first time. Our friendly and nice PervPark staff will be supporting your first steps on your journey to the secret garden of your own mind.  
Of course all experienced perverts are also warmly welcomed. We offer well equipped frames for our mutual hobby. We can provide your calendar with one very good party option to choose from and maybe with a slight twist.
Join first to our e-mailing list:

To make sure you are our invited guest join to e-mailing -list (upper right corner of the front page). By doing this you also stay tuned and know about our upcoming events. Study the etiquette and pages www.pervpark.fi

Sign up for PervPark -party by text message: When you are sure about your coming sign up with your nickname to this number: +358440555602. We ́ll answer your message only if the night is already full. So, we don ́t send separate accept message. If you can ́t come, please let us know and we take your name off the list. Entrance fee is 50 euros paid by cash. We can send you map by request by email: info (at) pervpark (dot) fi

Pervpark, arriving and Contact information

All this kind of luxurious events and clubs are located to some distance away from city center. You definitely have reason to arrive even from some distance away, cause the event will be worth it. Wildclub is locateto the area of Uusimaa, by Kehä III and about 25 kilometers from Helsinki railway station. We would appreciate you would keep the address as private that information when you have got it.. You may arrive by taxi  with your own car. You can arrive or also by coming to nearest trai tation hich is 1.5 kilometers aways from Wildclub. You should ask driver to drive via the new road which was opened 2013. We will send you map if you wish. It is easiest to print it with you when you are arriving.
Contact Information:

Phone: +358440555602 (from Mon to Fri 10am-8pm)
Email: info (at) pervpark (dot) fi


Etiquette ( Expected conduct of behavior )

These rules are made for a reason and that is to keep our party safe, sane and consensual.

1. Ask Permission

Without permission you do not touch or do anything to any one. This is a play party, not a beauty contest. With us all people are unique with size, needs, fetishes, sexual appetite and may blossom as they are. To success for every one, be polite and hold a good manner.

You may look if space is open, but no touching without permission. Even when you know that other one.

Keep your distance. This is important for those who are playing. They do not need to be interrupted or harassed.

If you feel violated, mentally or physically, please inform and report this immediately to house staff. This is the only way to get things back to the right track and the only way to make sure it wont happen again. If not delft right away it will be very difficult to handle later on.

Penalty for breaking these rules and bad behavior is to be banned from all Wildclub 's and PervPark party's and events for one year.

2. Know what you do

Don´t use equipment by yourself if you are unaware how they work. Ask from the staff and they will show and tell you about them in pleasant way. Next time you know the equipment and have even more fun with it.

3. Use and ask protection

Hygiene and health is important to us.  This is why we have equipped every room with bins, condoms, rubber gloves, paper and sanitation solutions. Use them all to your and everyone elses safety.  

4. All can be solved with communication

Be specific about your needs and announce them clearly. If shy, do not worry cause we have printed badges that are full of kinky fun. These are a very good at advertising your needs with out talking out loud.


5. kinky is our theme

So for tender moments of love making, we have a dark room.

Since most of us don't want to share kinkiness with a whole world, we have a policy. What happens in PervPark stays in PervPark.





Provided you are aartist or sell toys which fit to our event, please take contact to us and make an agreement about exhibit of your products. You may also offer us program to evening.
It ́is better to arrive wearing yout normal clothes, so your way to dress up doesnt cause any nodisdain. Unnecessary act of making noise and thrashing should be avoided.
During the evening you don ́t need money except for the entrance fee. You may change your clothes at makeup room  or in the dressing room of sauna, if you need more intimacy.
Because of the floor the heels of you indoor shoes cannot be metal and they have to be clean and intact. We have also some indoor shoes to use during the evening.
Small Kinkytoys:
For the hygienic reasons it ́s best to take your own little toys like dildos, spanker, clips and gags with you. If you are newbie and doesn ́t have yet toys of your own, we borrow those toys
which hang on the rack of the silverroom. Please, notice, protection of small toys like dildos with condoms and leave them to blue box after use.
In some occasions we have official photographer at the evening, who will photograph our quests in certain room. To situation like this you should prepare by taking CD or pendrive. In
order to create everybody a relaxing atmosphere and emancipated feeling, the photographing and using cellphone at evening is forbidden.
Fire safety:
Though we are open minded for every kind of kinky activities, candleplays cannot be performed at our events for fire safety reasons.
Lost and found items:
Remember to check you have everything with you before leaving. We retain lost and found items two weeks after parties. You may inquire them by sending an email . After two week we put the item to coffin, cause people forget a lot this and that.
Different accommodation possibilities may be found several from the near by area of club. For example Scandic Espoo (scandichotels.fi), or Langvik (langvik.fi). In this club we have no accommodation option, but with motor caravan you can stay overnight at the  parking area.
During the evening we play also your favorite music. You may make wishes at bar.

Feedback and Quest book:
We want to develop our evenings, so all the feedback is highly welcome. All the feedback should be given straight without discussion boards or middlemen. You quests make the great party to happen and we organizers only serve you the atmosphere for that. Our quest book is usually in bar.

It ́s easiest because of the traffic jam, if you could leave your car to nearest train station and come by taxi. Ride share is also a good idea. We have some trustworthy taxi drivers and we can arrange you one, if you arrive from distance.

Stairs and terraces:
Remember to be careful when you walk at the dark stairs. Especially with high heel shoes. To terraces you may go when it ́s warm weather outside.

Food and Beverages:
To quests we have some food at beginning of the evening. Eating takes place in bar upstairs and beverages you may drink there as well amongst the lobby and smoking terrace. In drunk the session feeling is not so real, so we hope moderation in drinking. Beverages you have to bring with you, cause we have no license to offer liquor. Please, bring your beverages in bottles which will not crash. It ́s easy to forget drink during the session and forget it. For that reason it ́s forbidden to take beverages to stairs where we have our playrooms. You can smoke in terrace where ́s our main entrance. We have some smoking jacket, slippers and furs for ladies.

Using drugs is absolutely forbidden.

Skilled and experienced makeup artist for Transvestites is available by appointment before evening

Details and Information:
p. +358440555602 
email: info (at) pervpark (dot) fi